customer comments

Author: Michael Blair


“Michael blair was really easy to work with and his prices were fair.  He did all the work and took all  the headaches.  We had to do nothing, he took care of everything!”  - Gary and Cora Hayes


“We trusted Michael Blair to be a well-informed, creative, and professional designer and an efficient and skilled builder who would complete our building project within a reasonable amount of time. Our trust was rewarded with a dream home that met our expectations.  Construction began in early May and was completed in about 120 days as promised.

What is unusual for our experience is that we never met Michael face-to-face until the project had been underway for about 80 days.  Since we lived in Nebraska, which is nearly 1900 miles away, before proceeding to the design stage with Michael we spent time consulting with individuals living in homes built by BlaiR Construction Company before proceeding to a design stage with Michael.  We heard the “right” answers to questions we had about the company he directs.  We wanted a builder and designer we could trust, someone who would deliver on his promises, someone who would respond to our every question and someone who would not have unpleasant surprises for us along the way.  We wanted a builder who would be willing to e-mail us digital photos of the construction project since we would not be able to visit the property until the work was more than half done.  Michael delivered in every way.  By the time the project was completed, Michael had shared nearly 100 pictures of his work.  It was as if we visited the construction site several times each week.

Our home was an unusual design, an octagon.   During the design phase of the project we shared ideas with Michael regarding what features were important to us.  We discussed our interest in having the second floor be the primary living area of a home that would be approximately 1600 square feet.  We wanted a nice deck where we could have a view of the ocean and Tillamook Bay.  We added information about the need for several bedrooms, several baths, an area for an office, an open construction on the second level with a wood ceiling, and hardwood oak floors.  When we saw the custom design that Michael created for us we were satisfied that he was the one we were looking for to build our dream home.

Michael is a consummate builder who promised us we would be happy with the final product.  How true his promise was.  Well done,”  -  Charles Ansorge

“Thank you Blair Construction for building us our dream home! We like everything
about the home. It’s a fantastic well-built custom home, excellent quality. Michael just
does a great job! Quality beyond compare!” – Tom & Annette Krupicka

“We love our new home! Michael made every phase from the planning stage to the finished home, easy and enjoyable. The exceptional craftsmanship is evident throughout the house.  We especially like the kitchen, hardwood floors, fireplace, cabinets, deck….well, everything is just beautiful.”                                                                          Bill and Debbie Batusic

Joe and Linda Travers were convinced that the only new home option they had was to accept someone else’s  pre-planed package. Giving up luxuries (ad sometimes necessities) was the only way they thought that they could stay within their budget. Then they met Mike Blair of Michael Blair Construction. They started over with decisions and choices to make that they didn’t think they’d ever have “I know it sounds corny, but honestly, this dream wouldn’t have been possible without Mike. His patience, positive attitude and professional attention to detail made the entire  process a pleasure and now we have a beautiful new home that fits OUR needs and personal style.”            Joe, Linda, Kristen, and Mathew Travers

“We were living in Bend at the time and wanted to relocate to Nehalem before baby Megan was born. Michael worked with us every step of the way. He was so patient. There  were lots of long distance phone calls! He worked out all the kinks!  Michael’s sub contractors were super, especially Jerry Foss Woodworking – they all did a fantastic job!  Thank you Blair Construction.”                                     Kris, Tim, David, and Baby Megan

“Our family really appreciated Michael Blair’s professional work on our home. This being our first home Michael took care of all the details, answered all of our questions, and put us at ease. Blair Construction satisfied our needs when it came to price and quality! Thank You.”  The Schwends Erin, Carl, Jessica & Emily

“Michael Blair was so good about working within my budget. I had a specific plan and he made it work!  He made sure that I was informed every step of the way. He treated me as a friend and a person – not just another customer.  He is a nice guy and I’m really happy  with my new home.” Paulette Miller

“The house was started in June.  The foundation was just finished when I had a serious accident. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and rehab for 2 weeks. Then I had to stay with one of my sons for 3 months of home care. Michael was on the phone with me constantly, consulting, and he gave my son samples to bring me when I had to make choices. When I finally saw the house the outside was finished and everything was the way I wanted it. I love the entry porch and the decks out back. I love the way the house flows. At my request Michael made it close to ready to be wheelchair accessible. It would only take one day to make it completely wheelchair accessible. Michael wants things to be exactly the way you want them. He would tell me it had to be the way I wanted it, or I as not going to be happy. I would recommend him to anybody.” Linda Woodward

“Mike, We appreciate the hard work and time you put into building us such a beautiful new house. We may have driven you crazy most of the time….but it was fascination watching the process and the quick progress as our house was built. Step by step! We are greatful. Thanks, Kirk and Kim”

“Mike built our attractive, secure and energy efficient home. Our home has been through a couple of severe coastal storms now without a problem.  We are satisfied customers.

Home ownership. The American Dream. Michael Blair is a man of integrity that I can easily recommend. And at very reasonably price. What more can you ask for? Just take the time to figure our exactly what you need and Michael will show you the way.”  David Scott

“Building a house is not a simple process and Mike made that process easier. He really went the extra mile for us and we are very happy with the result. This is our first home and it doesn’t just feel like a home, it feels like our  Dream Home!